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Unique Wedding Ideas

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1. For a unique party favor my groom and I are giving out lottery tickets. Only $1 each.. I will have a note in the program stating the tickets were chosen because we are so lucky to have our family and friends with us on our wedding day.
I will also add a line that all winnings will need to be split with the bride and groom!

 2. Instead of having an ordinary guestbook, that you hardly will look at again, I am going to create a photo guest book.  My guestbook attendants will take polaroids of each guest... either individually or in a group, however they come, and put it on the pages of the guestbook/scrapbook.  The guests will then sign on the bottom of their picture.  My fiance and I will then have a photo album of all the guests at our wedding! :) GST

3. We are getting married next year and instead of the traditional wedding we have decided to go with a "rock-n-roll" theme. We are going to have records displayed around the hall with our names on them and a picture of the two of us. Our colors are navy blue, black and silver so there will be plenty of those colors…from the silver glitter on the black tables cloths to the silver spray painted roses.


4. Since this is a second marriage and there are children that will be blended into a new family, we are decorating the tables at the reception with photo trees holding photos of my future husband and I and our children doing things together. We feel it shows that this marriage is not the union of just two people, but the formation of a new family.

5. We had a shortage of single men and women invited to our wedding, most of our friends and family were already married.  So we needed to come up with something different to replace the traditional bouquet and garter throwing.  We invited everyone to the dance floor and the dj played several lovely, slow songs.  First the dj told all couples married two hours or less to sit down (everyone got a kick out of that).  Then a few moments later, any married a year or less, than five years, ten years and so on, until there was only one couple left.  They were neighbors and friends of my family and had been married for fifty years.  We asked them to stay on the dance floor while I took a seat and my husband made a big show of removing my garter.  We then faced the winning couple, congratulated them on their fifty years and asked them for their best marriage advice as we presented them with the bouquet and garter.  They were very touched and it gave us a great feeling too.

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